Z140, Z141 (I1a2a1a)

Parent HaplogroupI-Z60+ (I1a2a1)
Birth(Haplo)The TMRCA for tree branch of Z140, Z141 (I1a2a1a) is estimated at 4000 ybp ie the Time to the Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) for this sub branch in the v5.08 build of the YFull tree, from a range of 4700-3400 ybp.
The "present" of years before present is 1950. 
WebLink(Haplo_Project)Follow this link to the FTDNA Z140 project haplogroup project. Also the accompanying Facebook group (closed group)
WebHighlightThe FAIRBAIRN project members shown here are the end of line ancestors of John (F-17), who has tested positive for SNP Z141, plus those for his close Y-STR matches who have tested to 111 markers.

Jan 2017 BigY testing on the Lineage 1e line created a sub branch (I-Y32666 / I-BY21365) under I-Y7277 where all four Lineage 1e BigY tested kits landed.
Dec 2017 added two more of the Fairbairn project lines onto the same I-Y32666 / I-BY21365 sub branch of I-Y7277. 
ChartsHaplogroup I
Last Edited11 Aug 2022

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