What DNA Surnames is:

As the main page says, DNA Surnames is an introductory site to a number of Surname DNA Projects.

It comes in two sections:

  • the Projects and Haplogroups section - where surname, and geographical, DNA projects are listed with their relevant links to related DNA information
  • the DNA Surnames section - where specific surnames have much more detailed information on DNA results and lineages

The site does NOT contain any information about DNA testing as such, only results, but sidebar links are provided to sites where such information may be found.

The only living people shown on this site are test takers who agreed to be so shown.
Contact the Webmistress if you wish your entry to be changed in any way, or deleted (there's a link in the footer of every page).


See the Site Project Diary for what changed, when and why.


I was inspired by two speakers at the 2008 TMG Conference Cruise to try and create a generic template for coordinating, and presenting, dna project pages, and related information, and decided to leverage on the power and flexibility of both TMG and Second Site to try and pull together multi-site DNA information into one place.
This being also fuelled by trying to reduce the manual effort required to maintain patriarch trees, result updates etc on my existing projects.

Feedback appreciated, as are additional links for existing projects, and/or new surname pages.