Parent HaplogroupT
Birth(Haplo)The TMRCA for tree branch of T2 is estimated at abt 17700 ybp 20800-15000 years before present, average 17700
Sub branches shown (v1.02.3250 (01 October 2020) estimated to have formed 11700 ybp, range 13100-10300.) 
WebIntroThe mitochondrial haplogroup T is best characterized as a European lineage. With an origin in the Near East greater than 45,000 years ago, the major sub-lineages of haplogroup T entered Europe around the time of the Neolithic 10,000 years ago. Once in Europe, these sub-lineages underwent a dramatic expansion associated with the arrival of agriculture in Europe. Haplogroup T2 is one of the older sub-lineages and may have been present in Europe as early as the Late Upper Palaeolithic (from Genealogy by Genetics via FamilyTreeDNA)
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WebLink T2 mtDNA project on Family Tree DNA. 
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